Symptoms I’m Returning for the Holidays

It’s the Holiday Season….that time of year that often guarantees an extra layer of fluff. So….I decided it’s time to COME CLEAN and DETOX.

Thanksgiving for me capped off a year of excitement, housing and rebuilding life amusements. A lot of travel, constantly changing “home” environments, and building a new business/life has brought many cool moments, but also a lot of PTSD triggering chronic stress; less than optimal for chronic HEALTH.

I set the start date to Eat Clean and Reduce Stress for last Saturday, and have already lost 3.5 lbs. Now on Day 3, I’ve been experiencing expected highs and lows, a bit of a headache, and a little energy loss, but am SOOOO HAPPY to be on track.

I’d rather have those temporary cleanse symptoms than the dis-ease symptoms that were creeping back into my life.

I know where these symptoms come from, and how to address them naturally. So I took the bull by the horns, jumped on, and am riding back to the stable with confidence that optimal health is waiting for me at my destination.

Stability is an important factor to clean eating. That’s why I’ve taken immediate steps to calm life circumstances as part of my cleanse. I was traveling between Las Vegas and Santa Clarita, then San Diego and Santa Clarita, now Palmdale and Santa Clarita. I’ve created a work schedule that is challenging, but workable. And, I’ve reworked my daily stress reduction plan (critical if, like me, you have PTSD or other mental health challenges that color your life-reactivity).

I’ll drop 25 – 30 pounds in no time; likely about 2 to 3 months. I know how to do that. Life will start to calm and re-stabilize. I know how to do that. Eating clean AND stress reduction IS what works.

No one gets through life without challenges. We all get off track a bit now and then. The key is to keep it real, and make the right adjustments to get back to a good positive direction.

Let me know if you want to join me. I’d love the company.

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Holiday Survival Tips: How to Get Through Food Coma Season Relatively Clean

It’s impossible to lose or maintain weight during a busy holiday season, right?


But it may take some real clarity and dedication to simple eating and being between your scheduled holiday food comas.  Yes, reduce stress and eat simply.  Why? Long term stress pushes your blood sugar higher, compounding what already results from heavier holiday meals and increased sugar consumption.

Here are a few tips to help you get through the holidays clean and stress-less.


Small Changes Lead to Big Transformations

Try any of these suggestions.  Take note of changes in sensations, appearance, or life signs in the bodymind. Let me know how it goes for you.

Replace one Low Quality Food for something better

  • Unsweetened Almond Milk instead of Processed Cows
  • Cows milk is highly processed, containing anti-biotics and other toxins along with sugars and fats.
  • Fresh, clean whole vegetables instead of boxed, frozen, highly sauced Vegetables are way more nutrient dense fresh from the garden. The further away they get from the farm, and the more manipulated they are (frozen, etc) the more they lose the vitamins and minerals you need from then.
  • If you eat animal proteins, have higher quality sources and cook them at home; higher quality means cage-free, pastured, grass fed, and well treated. I makes a difference.
  • Ancient grains (Amaranth or Quinoa – which are seeds, and not GMO) or Nut flours instead of wheat, corn, rye, or other traditional grains. This will eliminate any potential gluten concerns from these food sources, along with excess body inflammation generally.
  • If you drink caffeine, work toward just 1 cup in the morning and stick to black coffee or tea without sugar, milk or cream
  • Try making the healthy Warm Cinnamon Apple recipe with plant-based sweetener instead of a sugary dessert
  • Use straight plant-based sweeteners like Stevia or SweetyHi (available online only). If you only eliminated added sugars, you’d do your bodymind a world of good.
  • Drink whole food smoothies that use plant-based sweeteners, this instead of sugar-loaded sports drinks, sodas, sweetened water, or the like.
  • Use Extra-Virgin, Cold Pressed Coconut, Olive or Avocado oils for cooking. Be mindful that some products advertised as Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) are now falsely advertised as such, containing high levels of corn oil. Just get the best quality source you can and check into the company that’s producing it.

Eat Clean and/or adopt healthier habits, Around Holiday events

  • Shop “on the outside” of the store for whole foods only as often as possible throughout the season.  I provide a personalized Grocery List of whole foods to the folks I work with one-on-one.  But if you stick to whole fruits, vegetables and well-sourced animal proteins (if you eat them), you’ll go a really long way to improving your health.
  • Eat Clean or Plant-Based for 2, 3 or more days a week around holiday eating.
  • Adopt a Mono-Diet (eat apples all day) the day after a Big Splurge.
  • Commit to achieving Great Sleep Read More
  • Pick one self-soothing, stress reducing activity you can do for yourself quickly and meaningfully on a daily basis. Reducing stress in small amounts is like making regular deposits in a savings account; it pays great dividends.


Eliminate or set clear boundaries around one Low Quality Food for the Season

  • Grains & Bread
  • Processed Dairy and things made from processed dairy
  • Alcohol
  • Activities, Places and Things that you do, but that increase stress. Feel confident in yourself enough to set a boundary for yourself that allows you the freedom to choose not to be around toxic environments or people in favor of more peaceful options.
  • Fast foods
  • Sugar in all its forms. I’ve documented over 100.  (Request the list when you sign up for my newsletter)
  • Unhealthy oils; all vegetable oils.

Why stress yourself out more than necessary over the holiday season.  Holidays, at their best, should be about lifted spirits, rest, enjoyment, and good life.  So why not do something to enhance your health within so you can enjoy more holidays the rest of your long life ahead!


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