#MeToo: the Impact of Sexual Harassment on Your Health and How to Reverse It

#metoo is all over social media for good reason. Sexual harassment and power/control crime causes stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Did you know that stress and mental health issues contribute to chronic disease? It does, and it can shorten your life. But, you can turn that around naturally thru clean eating and personalized stress reduction.

Do these three things:

1. Simplify and Heal: eat clean and replace stressful activities with those that promote calm. The food and energy you put in make a difference.

2. Connect to the RIGHT Help: expand your circle of friends to include someone with experience in positively working through the kind of stress you’re experiencing.

3. Do MORE THAN TALK: get practical tools from someone who knows so you can manage emotion when you’re not doing talk therapy.

For the best results, work with a coach who can help you eat clean, reduce stress, and build practical tools. You’re a whole person and you need care for your whole body to heal; mind and body together.

If you’re ready for some help, contact me today and I’ll help connect you to the help you need. If you’re REALLY ready to heal from the inside out, my 30 Day online program will give you the skills and support from me to do just that.

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