Help Now Strategies


Regularly regulating emotion is critical to your health.  Blood sugar rises and resources from normal body function (organs, tissues, cells) are diverted to deal with stress as it arises.  If you’re constantly stressed, your body is constantly robbing resources from normal functioning heart, muscles, eyes, brain, and so on.  Chronic stress over time starves resources and adds to a feeling of “hunger” that cannot be filled.  Find more information on this in my book, Sugar + Stress = Sick.

Instead of stress in the moment, use these strategies to Help Yourself return to a state of Rest and Resilience more quickly.  Then maintain moment-to-moment relaxation as a norm.  It’s your health.  It’s that important.

Help Now! Strategies

  1. Notice the colors around you.
  2. If surrounding is calm, notice the routine in the bigger picture. Is the sun shining, a bird chirping, etc.
  3. Bounce, jump, or lift self up and down repeatedly.
  4. Touch, feel and notice the texture of surfaces around you.
  5. Drink a glass of water.
  6. Driving? Put on loud music or chanting and sing as loud as you can.
  7. Walk forward and count backward.
  8. Focus on breathing 8-counts in and 8-counts out 3 times.
  9. Take up as much space as possible, and notice your connection to whatever is holding you up; the floor, the wall, a chair, gravity.
  10. Notice the temperature in the room or environment.
  11. Tune into the sounds in the room. What’s happening that you typically tune out.
  12. Tap your leg, arm or body, noticing what happens in the body as you do this.
  13. Push against a solid surface and notice the activity of muscles, skin, etc.
  14. Throw a ball against the floor or wall as hard as you can.
  15. Connect with humans or non-humans; hold a loving hand, touch a furry friend. Notice the flow of energy between you and receive love.

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