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Body-Mind Fullness

This course provides a road map to personal resilience, confidence, and trust for trauma survivors and people with other forms of chronic stress.  Using a unique combination of simple body- and mind-fullness tools, participants develop primary means of walking through difficult moments when a therapist is not available. In short, reduce suffering and increase balanced living.

Learn how to:

      • improve physical and mental health confidence,
      • create a daily resilience plan,
      • set long-term mental health and healthy relationship goals,
      • set up or expand a reliable support network.

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Intuitive Self-Defense

In the moment of attack, your vision narrows and you enter a state of fight, flight or freeze.  Learn the simplest techniques to effectively defend yourself, especially if you never intend to enroll in a long-term martial arts program.


      • your two best tools for defense,
      • 5 highly sensitive target areas, and
      • a variety of simply responses that have saved the lives of multitudes of women.

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Adapted Martial Arts

People with extra needs, like Autism or Cerebral Palsy, are among the most vulnerable to assault and abuse.

Neurological or physical challenge is a barrier, but confidence and specific training can help improve successful self-defense and advocacy.

Every person, regardless of challenge, should be presented with an opportunity to know what they can do if assaulted.  And every person should be presented with opportunities to be achieve their best regardless of challenge.

I offer a wide range of mainstream, group, and one-on-one adapted programs to fit your needs.  All are ABA, Play and Occupational therapy informed, and include physical and mindfulness training appropriate to need.  Services wrap around the student.

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Clean Eating & Conscious Resilience / 30 Day Detox

In this online class, you are going to learn how eating clean can help your overall health and reduce some symptoms. This is a great way to jump-start your process of feeling better and living healthy.

 If you’re looking for a simple way to clean up your eating habits and have help doing it, this course is for you.


    • How eating clean can improve your overall health
    • How to reduce symptoms
    • reduce or eliminate medications
    • Reduce Diabetes
    • Live Longer
    • Detox from Sugar
    • Reduce Stress

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10 Day Cleanse

Wanna give clean eating a try, get past sugar cravings, and try the 3S Lifestyle on for Size?  This cleanse is for you.  No supplements or gimmicks, just clean whole foods you can pick up at your local grocery store and all the instructions, recipes and tips you need to succeed.


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