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Clean Eating & Conscious Resilience / 30 Day Detox

In this online class, you are going to learn how eating clean can help your overall health and reduce some symptoms. This is a great way to jump-start your process of feeling better and living healthy.

 If you’re looking for a simple way to clean up your eating habits and have help doing it, this course is for you.


    • How eating clean can improve your overall health
    • How to reduce symptoms
    • reduce or eliminate medications
    • Reduce Diabetes
    • Live Longer
    • Detox from Sugar
    • Reduce Stress

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10 Day Cleanse

Wanna give clean eating a try, get past sugar cravings, and try the 3S Lifestyle on for Size?  This cleanse is for you.  No supplements or gimmicks, just clean whole foods you can pick up at your local grocery store and all the instructions, recipes and tips you need to succeed.










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Self Defense

Women and men survive sexual and physical assault more than you know.  Every day people who are not martial artists survive using basic techniques and a survivor mind set without taking martial arts.  Martial arts is recommended to gain confidence, strength, and reliable muscle memory, you can learn simple moves that are proven highly effective under stress and across common attack scenarios.


Each presentation includes at least the following:

Five best target areas to save your life
Most effective, simple techniques you can do regardless of strength, without martial arts training, and under stress
Most likely types of attacks for women, and for men
Physical practice with training pads.
Demonstration of application of presented techniques across various attack scenarios
Awareness, Response and Reporting
Local Concerns

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College Safety

College age women age 18 – 24 are at elevated risk for sexual violence; whether or not they continue their learning on campus.  Colleges and universities, however, provide a target rich environment for would be attackers, incapacitation and acquaintance crimes, and stalking.  Are your youth prepared?

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