Scott Fishburn

Find you with-in has provided an excellent, logical program of proper diet, light exercise, and personalized support to not only help me lose 29 lbs in just 3 months (during the Holiday season, no less), but more importantly lower my blood pressure significantly. The daily check-ins are a great way to help you monitor your daily eating habits and to help you understand how your body responds to a healthy diet. Daily encouragement and feedback from Jean Morrison is a unique, valuable tool of the program, and you’ll learn a lot about what your body needs, and doesn’t need, to function at its best.

Scott Fishburn – Weight Loss
Lost 29 lbs in 3 months. Goal 40 lbs.

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Susie Bohamed

I am a full time mother, am 54 years old and have been a friend of Jean’s for at least 6 years, as well as having her be Taekwondo instructor to our 2 children. She is currently my weight loss coach/mentor in her program Find YOU wiTHIN program. I joined approximately 3 months ago, right before Thanksgiving, after being frustrated with another program that no longer seemed to fit into my lifestyle. Over the course of the previous 2.5 years, I’d taken off 50 lbs & worked very hard to maintain it. As life set in, the weight started slowly creeping up, and Jean & I spoke about my issues with my program. She told me about Find YOU wiTHIN and I agreed to try it. I was SHOCKED at how rapidly the weight came off! I’ve never lost up to 1 lb a day while being able to eat good amounts of what she taught me were the right balance of proteins and carbohydrates for me. While in this phase of the program, I never felt I was in starvation mode, never felt fatigued, or anything but lighter, more positive and so grateful for her assistance ANY TIME I NEEDED HER!! I cannot stress how crucial this is, to have an accessible support system when YOU need it! This program is very doable and allows you to prepare and consume natural foods readily available from your local market. You are not expected to purchase “their” frozen products, count points, carbs or calories, or go in for costly injections. Another reason I applaud this program is that it makes me accountable for my choices with check-ins to her on a daily basis, where she gives me feedback and motivating tools to continue my success. Thank you Jean for your constant support to your clients. You are greatly appreciated and admired.

Susie Bohamed  – Weight Loss
Lost 13 lbs in 6 weeks. Goal 20 lbs.

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