Brain Food with Benefits: L-Carnitine Keeps You Young, Strong, and Clear Thinking

One supplement that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but has both anti-aging and neurological benefits is L-Carnitine.  It’s found naturally in a wide variety of vegetables and animal-proteins; full list below.  In combination with Vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids, L-Carnitine plays a critical role in maintaining energy, blood flow, muscle strength and brain development. So if you want to stay looking young and lower your risk for delusional thinking as you age…..make sure you get some L-Carnitine EVERY DAY!

L-Carnitine is an amino acid (building block of protein) that is made up of Lysine and Methionine. It helps carry healthy fats into cells to be used to create energy at the cellular level; this increases athletic performance for body builders, and everyone else.  It’s that key role it plays in transporting fats into the cells that makes L-Carnitine crucial for muscle development, weight loss, brain and skin health.

Here are some of L-Carnitine’s health benefits:

  • Helps retain oil in the skin, useful as a cream
  • Improves fat metabolism, which helps reduce metabolic syndrome and:
    • Weight loss
    • Prevention of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis
  • Prevents plaque build-up in blood vessels in the brain
  • Central Nervous System protection
  • Increases muscle
    • strength
    • performance
    • recovery


Which foods contain L-Carnitine?

Meats like lean beef (filet mignon), free range chicken breast,  and hand line caught cod are a good source of carnitine, but so are these plants – though in much lower levels:


  • nuts – like almonds **
  • seeds – like pumpkin, sunflower and sesame **
  • artichokes **
  • asparagus *
  • broccoli *
  • Brussels sprouts **
  • collard greens **
  • garlic **
  • mustard greens **
  • okra **
  • parsley *
  • kale *
  • apricots **
  • bananas **
  • bee pollen **
  • brewer’s yeast *
  • buckwheat **-minimally
  • corn – NR
  • oatmeal – NR
  • rice bran – NR
  • rye – NR


*3s Paleo Detox recommended

*3s Paleo Maintenance recommended

NR- Not Recommended as a regular source

I don’t recommend grains or corn as part of 3S Paleo plans due to the high impact of glyphosates and other chemicals used to increase grain yield; these are extremely harmful to people and other living things, and have recently been shown to increase levels of non-alcoholic fatty liver1. But no worries, there are so many sources of L-Carnitine that you can easily avoid those that are not recommended as part of a 3S Paleo approach.


L-Carnitine Supplements

L-Carnitine can be purchased and taken as an individual natural supplement, but is also included in some reputable multi-vitamin supplement products.  Stand alone supplements range in price today from $7.99 to $17.99 online.  If you take L-Carnitine as part of a multi-vitamin, just make sure that no forms of sugar or secondary sugars (like beet sugar) are included; including beet sugar is one step away from including sugar in processed foods….it’s there to give you a cheap high and hook you on the product.  I say, avoid that and buy something straight.


For an L-Carnitine focused meal try Grilled Asparagus and Filet Mignon



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To You Within,