My Story

I am absolutely passionate about connecting people with simple, nutrient dense ways of living life; finding truth in food and coping skills for stress.

I do that directly, based on goals you set for yourself by: 1) Listening Beyond Words to identify goals for your better health now, 2) Encouraging Small Steps toward Big Transformations, and 3) Providing Education and Practical Tools to Ensure Your Success.

I believe that every bodymind is unique, and that given half a chance – the bodymind heals itself.

I don’t believe that the same path works for everyone, but that becoming your own health advocate, on a path that you can start and sustain, leads to far greater health NOW and for years to come.

I enjoy the benefits – to me and my clients – that comes from exploring deep healing options through clean eating and coping skills. To the individual, I give the benefit of decades of experience overcoming disease and trauma; support that helps achieve what client’s first thought impossible.

I specialize in making clean eating and resilience simple, down-to-earth and easily accessible.  I’ve helped thousands develop self-awareness and resilience after abuse or trauma.  My diverse background in behavior therapy, emotional regulation, nutrition and martial arts provides a unique breadth of knowledge that helps my client develop highly specialized strategies to improve health and happiness.   In short, I offer a Healthy Life Fulfilled incorporating nutrition and a body-centered positive mindset as a foundation for resilience, acceptance and well being.


When You Work with Me . . . .

I believe in you until you believe in yourself.

You set your goals, determining the best options for yourself along your path.

You receive an experienced nutrition and stress-reduction guide to help you prioritize and perspectivize your goals; a determined, compassionate coach willing to help you down that extra mile to increase your goal productivity.

Simple?  YES!  Easy? NO!  But you are not alone.  You have an achievement partner.

And, in the end, you will KNOW more about you, your food, your body, and your health.

Contact me TODAY to find out if we’re a good fit for each other.


Who I AM Within . . . .

I have more to give the world.  My diet and anxiety almost prevented that.  Now I passionately educate and coach others to eat clean, non-GMO, unprocessed, nutritious food and high quality energy; FINDING new strength WITHIN to be one’s own health advocate.

My journey has touched on every area I now coach, and is still being lived.

I am like you; walking through life finding solutions to challenges for myself and those around me.  Just like you, I’ve succeeded, and failed, and had to fight to find the best way forward.  You’re confused?  So have I been.  Had to sort through bologna to find the filet?  Absolutely!

What I know is that conscious awareness is more important now than ever.  When the majority of available “food” is processed, drugged or chemicalized, and stress is around every corner, where is one to turn for true food?

There are loads of healthy options.  Community supported farms need, well . . . . community support.

TRUTH is there for the finding.  There’s a great big world of clean food out there, and healthy ways to live. For you.  For me.  Let’s find it together!!!  Then, you can consciously be your own SELF-HEALTH ADVOCATE.

Why can you believe that I will help you find YOUR health, and YOUR truth?  You within?  Call me.  Let’s talk.  Watch and read my testimonials.  And take a look at how I’ve approached the challenges I’ve faced in my own life.


How I found mySELF WITHIN . . . .

I am a child sexual assault survivor with a lifetime of experience in developing coping and listening skills, along with a positive mindset.

Once I knew more about the extent of sexual and domestic violence, I worked tirelessly to educate others.   I helped found the Los Angeles Clothesline Project, an art program that helped thousands to anonymously speak their truth to the violence they experienced.

Growing in strength, but being 5’2” and feeling a bit physically vulnerable, I became a black belt and learned how to teach basic self- defense from women who founded programs in Los Angeles.  I still teach.

I stopped working for others and became a freelance public relations and event planner.  In my spare time, I created the Ending Violence Against Women Conference; a free, university based event that educated 1,500 annually in a collaborative community, information sharing environment.

Things were going pretty well.  I received Woman of the Year award in 2000 for education, violence prevention, and volunteer efforts by the LA County Commission for Women.

In the course of training as a martial artist, I saw that most special needs children and adults couldn’t take advantage of mainstream programs to build self-esteem, social skills, and physical and cognitive skills.  So I created a system to do just that, and opened a school specialized in Adaptive Relational Therapy that builds skills and dreams of leadership to this day.

Then I got really, really sick.

I had a year-and-a-half of respiratory distress.  I couldn’t move, couldn’t work, and my weight blew up to 205 lbs.

A doctor told me I would likely die within 3 months if I didn’t get on 5 medications immediately.  It was Type 2 Diabetes with an A1C approaching 9.  My cholesterol was also through the roof.

Years of eating a Standard American Diet, combined with exposure to black toxic mold, my own tendencies in response to stress was about to kill me, I thought.

The doctor spent a lot of time pressuring me into taking those meds that day.  Even though I am the daughter of a prominent naturopath, should I believe scientific this Standard American Doctor approach and get on meds . . . . for the rest of my life?

I freaked out!

I called Dr. Rutledge, a medical doctor with a preferred natural approach.  Crying and sobbing, I did my best to explain.  His response changed my entire mindset.  “You don’t have diabetes, your doctor does,” he said resolutely.  “You have options.”

Dr. Rutledge, and my father, Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer, supported my re-introduction to food; learning about processed foods, the hidden sugars in food, and how to eat for health.

Result?  I lost 83 lbs., learned the truth about food, and that the best health decisions for my bio-individual life were not ALWAYS going to be founded on western medicine.

I got real about food, toxic environments, unhealthy communication and patterns that trigger stress and anxiety for me.  I took responsibility for my own healing in every aspect of my life and hit the reset button.

Regarding mental health, anxiety, depression, mood and stress.  The most common thread running throughout my life is stress, anxiety, and occasional depression.  I used to feel ashamed about this fact, and refused to acknowledge the extent to which I was suffering in social and relational situations I wasn’t equipped to handle.  I didn’t have the diet to support good decision making either.  That’s all different now.  Truth really does set you free.

If you or a family member share those issues with me, please contact me for a consultation TODAY!  There is help and hope.

Just know that you are important here in this place.  Balance without meds, is often possible.


What is a Health Coach by my friend, Kelly Swope

I believe that the first job of a Health Coach or for that matter any coach is to give the student/client hope.

Let them know that no matter what their starting point, they can achieve their goal and that you will be there to give them direction.

The coach must also be absolutely honest with the client about the workload that will be required to their goals while assuring them that while they alone must do the work, you will be right there every step of the way.

Share in their triumphs, empathize with their frustrations while always keeping their focus on the goal.

Flexibility is critical. Sometimes you may have to redirect a frustrated student to keep them engaged.

You have to be able to show them the progress that they are making/have made especially at those times when they feel that they’ve hit the wall.

You’re there to get them over that wall or to help them crash through that barrier.

Their faith and trust in you as the person who will get them to where they want to be must always be nurtured.

You will be great at this because you’re a compassionate person who loves people.

Although people will start out as clients and as a way for you to make a living, ultimately they are people.

As you work with them and get to know them, you will love them and that love will drive you to always give your best for them and love what you’re doing in the process.