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Hygiene Hypothesis: How Germs Promote Health

Hygiene Hypothesis: How Germs Promote Health

Do sterile environments negatively impact health positively or negatively?   A new study co-authored by researchers from the University of Ulm in Germany and CU Boulder, adds to mounting evidence supporting the “hygiene hypothesis,” which posits that overly sterile environments can breed health problems.   In the study: Adult men who had grown up in […]

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Achieving your beautiful, healthy body/mind can feel overwhelming.
If you’re reading this, you’ve connected with the support you need to embrace and transition to optimal health.

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  • Susie Bohamed

    I am a full time mother, am 54 years old and have been a friend of Jean’s for at least 6 years, as well as having her be Taekwondo instructor to our 2 children. She is currently my weight loss coach/mentor in her program Find YOU wiTHIN program. I joined approximately 3 months ago, right […]

  • Scott Fishburn

    Find you with-in has provided an excellent, logical program of proper diet, light exercise, and personalized support to not only help me lose 29 lbs in just 3 months (during the Holiday season, no less), but more importantly lower my blood pressure significantly. The daily check-ins are a great way to help you monitor your […]

  • Adrian Horwitz

    My son was heading toward Type 2 diabetes, and had given up emotionally after being bullied unmercifully at school; he has Asperger’s Syndrome.  Ms. Morrison restored my son’s health, self-esteem, confidence – and most importantly – his faith in people. Adrian Horwitz Goal: Diabetes prevention, confidence and emotional resilience

  • Anand D.

    My daughter is a little reserved and shy, especially to talk to people outside the family.  With Ms. Morrison, we have seen a complete transformation.  She has become very confident.  This change could only be possible with the efforts of Ms. Morrison. She has shown advancement in academics and social skills.  We consider this a […]

  • Laurie M.

    Daniel has learned discipline, the ability to follow directions, and is able to make eye contact. Laurie M. Goal: Focus, Social Skills, Stress Reduction, Fine Motor Skills – Special Needs

  • Jeff & Cheryl Morrow

    The sensitivity and compassion that Ms. Morrison has shown our son with Autism has truly been healing for us and for him. Jeff & Cheryl Morrow Son: Physical Activity and Confidence, Special Needs

  • Francie

  • Scott Roediger

    Ms. Morrison has a particularly good way of working with kids with special needs. She has worked wonders with my son. Scott Roediger Goal: Social Skills, Communication and Confidence for Son