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Homemade Sauerkraut

  INGREDIENTS: 1 Medium Head of Cabbage 1-3 Tbsp. Sea Salt Optional ingredients: try combinations of any of these Caraway Seeds: 1-1/2 tsp Dill: 1 Tbsp Juniper Berries (crushed): 1 Tbsp Fennel Seeds: 2 tsps Green Onions (chopped): 6 onions Garlic (crushed): 5 cloves Mustard Seed (black or yellow): 1 tsp Turmeric: 1 tsp Red […]

Hygiene Hypothesis: How Germs Promote Health

Do sterile environments negatively impact health positively or negatively?   A new study co-authored by researchers from the University of Ulm in Germany and CU Boulder, adds to mounting evidence supporting the “hygiene hypothesis,” which posits that overly sterile environments can breed health problems.   In the study: Adult men who had grown up in […]

Business, Burnout and Depression

Are you a small business owner suffering from depression? You’re not alone.   Depression comes in many forms; simple to complex, situational to chronic. For business owners, work-to-life ratio, brain productivity breaks, and nutrition are key. Most business owners I work with are highly stressed, take little or no time away from work, and eat […]

6 Month Program

Start working on your body today, and with our individual fitness program, already in 6 months you will see a totally different girl in the mirror!

Healthy Meals & Drinks


  • Vickie Banks

    Thanks so much for being there for us. I have learned a lot during the 30 day detox.  I have lost over 10 pounds already. I’m sleeping better, and I feel more in control of my life. 🙂  I have been telling others about you and your plan. I will continue to do so.

  • Kelly Swope

    All aces! I appreciate the way that you broke down the nature of cravings and offered practical solutions for dealing with them. Stress having an accountability partner more. I didn’t take advantage of staying in daily contract which probably would’ve kept me on course during my meltdown week. Good to do the Self Assessment Form every week to prepare to move into the next phase of the program. The daily check- ins are very helpful and I like that you addressed symptom support and stress reduction every day with tips that could be modified for each persons’ situation. The self talk module was spot on. I can’t say enough about the power of your words. The ACE Quiz was quite an eye opener. An amazing job and a program that will change a lot of lives for the better. Your motives are pure. THIS WORKS!


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